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Assessments by Spidergram!

One of the most popular areas of our training is the use of a spidergram to develop an assessment of a young person.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to completing a spidergram.


The process can be completed with the young person. The tools we use to record assessments can be dull and restrictive. This method puts the young person right at the centre. It can also be used effectively with families.

Asset Plus Readiness Survey

KSA are offering an AssetPlus Readiness Survey to all Youth Offending Teams.

A simple 10 question survey can be sent to teams taking no more than 5 mins to complete. We will then produce a summary report for managers. All completely free of charge.

Contact dave.aukett@ksaconsultancy for more information or give me a call on 07876 353188


Flintshire Youth Justice Service – early adopters of AssetPlus

Flintshire Youth Justice Service are excited about being one of the very earliest adopters of the new youth justice assessment, AssetPlus.

This is not just another way of recording of assessments of young people but it heralds a new philosophy behind work with young offenders. Chris Clarke, head of service in Flintshire, believes it is the biggest change since the beginning of youth offending teams.

KSA have been a key part of the preparation for implementation. Through a 2 day training course, staff were encouraged to reflect and revitalise their core skills and develop the skills necessary to be more analytical, to be prepared to make professional judgements, to think more holistically and to identify the foundations for change in a young person’s life.

After the course participants said…. “Excellent 2 days” “Excellent facilitator” “Useful to reflect and share ideas and take time out to discuss our work”

We received a 100% satisfaction rating in evaluations from participants on the course.

Reflections on 2014

Another busy year is coming to an end and time to reflect on all the wonderful people we have met during the year.

We started the year battling the weather to reach far flung parts of Wales to train YOT Managers and Supervisors. The welcome was as good as always and from Betsw-y-coed (I can almost pronounce it now) through mid-wales to Neath, we managed to see at least one representative from each YOT.

We then went East to Norfolk, via London, then off to the East Riding of Yorkshire, Bradford, Warwickshire and many places in between. We ended the year, where we began it, in Wales.

This year we also joined up with Restorative Solutions. We are now delivering RJ courses under their name using their fantastic resources.

A fun year and lots to think about for 2015.

Asset Plus will arrive for some YOTs and we already are busy training teams in the essential skills to complete this new assessment tool. RJ gathers more and more momentum and we are very excited about working with Restorative Solutions to take it into another sector. Watch this space!!!

If you have managed to read this far, all that’s left to say is Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.


International Restorative Justice Week – 16th to 23rd November 2014


If you had a chance to meet the person who committed a crime against you, what would you do?

This Restorative Justice Week the Ministry of Justice are encouraging people to ask themselves this question and find out more about Restorative Justice.

They have developed a range of communications materials to support this campaign. Click here to download a range of printable resources to promote your work.

For more information on how KSA (working on behalf of Restorative Solutions) can help you click here or call Dave on 07876 353 188