KSA Training

Children and Families

Professionals working with Children and Families need consistently high levels of skills and planning.

Not only do professional need the skills to gather, interpret and analyse information but they also need to be able to be aware of Disguised Compliance and Cumulative Harm. 

The tragedies of the last decade where children have been abused and in some cases have died, have led to inquiries and reviews which have shown that parents and carers are able to disguise their commitment to change. They can be adept at working with the fears of professionals whereby an important judgement is avoided in fear of recrimination and complaint.

We also understand how that low levels of harm can indicate a much more damaging pattern of systematic abuse over time. This requires agencies to collaborate closely and ensure that the signs are not missed.

KSA have included all these areas in our training and support for Children and Family professionals.

We believe in the importance of being professionally curious and being thorough in work with children and families.

But we also believe that practitioners need to be flexible and engaging in their work. Never dull but interesting, stimulating and aspirational for the improvement of circumstances for those who are most disadvantaged.

Our popular courses will inspire your staff and renew enthusiasm for the vital services they provide.

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